New Street Works Video Champions Safe Practice

‘Backfilling Excavations’, the latest edition in the Highways the Right Way series of short training films to improve the awareness, safety and skills of the sector workforce during street works, has been released.

‘Backfilling Excavations’ is the third in the series and has been developed in collaboration with a host of sector employers, through Energy & Utility Skills’ Utilities Contractors’ Group* - a collective of sector experts that identified the need for innovative and engaging training resources. It was preceded by the release of ‘Risk Assessments’ and ‘Breaking Ground’ last year. The series is part of a larger project that received funding from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as part of its Flexible and Structured Fund.

Morrison Utility Services’ Glen Tymon, the Chair of the Utility Contractors Group, said: “The production of this engaging, bite-sized training resource, backed by utility contractors, will help to reinforce the key safety messages and protocols needed to address the issues that the industry and our workforce face daily. These films are a recipe for success. By using good ingredients and following the method, we will get good results.”

Heavy investment in infrastructure is forecast, with a return to those levels seen before the 2008 recession expected. With growth in construction returning across the country (2.5% growth per year) the demand for energy and utilities sector workers is high.

Nick Ellins, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills,** said: “Street works are important to maintain the UK’s infrastructure. Our Highways the Right Way series can help with inductions for new employers or act as an innovative refresher for experienced workers. The films are there to help ensure works are executed correctly, first time.

“The sector is committed to its duty of care to the workforce and Energy & Utility Skills is supporting this by creating these versatile health and safety training resources. We thank the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) for supporting this series.”

David Plummer, CITB’s Fund Manager, added: “The highways are a unique environment that present a unique set of risks to those who work on them. CITB is pleased to have been able to support this video on an important subject.  Energy & Utility Skills has done a great job and this video, as part of a series, will help to improve safety in energy and utility construction works.”

Watch ‘Backfilling Excavations’ and the entire Highways the Right Way series on YouTube. An offline version is available to support your training sessions on request by email to

* The Utility Contractors Group is committed to improving the image of the industry in order to attract the talent needed to meet the sector’s employer’s ambitions. It works to establish effective mechanisms to upskill the sector’s workforce to meet regulatory requirements. Read more

** Energy & Utility Skills, the expert voice on workforce issues across the sector, is the provider of choice for guidance, employer solutions, setting, registering and assessing competency standards and bespoke consultancy.  It helps employers attract new talent, develop their workforces and assure a high level of competence across their businesses. For more, visit

CITB Industry Insights forecast 2016-2020 highlights the increasing need for skills development and fit for purpose training. Across the whole UK construction industry, output is expected to see an average increase of 2.5% per year up to 2020. Of all the construction sub-sectors, infrastructure is the area expected to see the largest output growth (6.1% per year on average). With such industry growth, it is crucial that not only those already working in the sector, but also all of the 230,000 additional recruits are adequately trained.

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