Our Work

As the authority for our industry, we set the standards and frameworks. But that’s only the start. 

Inspiring the next generation to join our sector
We work hard to show young people just how much a career in Energy & Utilities can offer. We shine a light on the range of roles available – from traditional engineering jobs to those in pioneering industries – as well as the benefits they bring. 

Helping businesses spot where they’re missing certain skills 
We’ve developed highly effective products and services to help employers refine and improve the workforce. If certain talents are lacking, our tools will identify the skills gap.  

Tackling bespoke recruitment 
As our industries grow, pioneer and diversify, they need increasingly rare and complex skillsets. We have the resources to make sure employers get the exact people they need. 

Running a widely-used skills register 
Through EUSR, our recognised skills register, we help both businesses and employees. Employers can check that people are qualified, while workers can prove that they have the talents they claim. 

Providing access to quality assured training
Through the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS), we’ve developed a recognised Quality Framework that training providers can use to benchmark their learning and assessment materials.