Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding Extended - EU Skills

Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding Extended

CITB registered utilities employers can now request training

Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding Extended

Energy & Utility Skills is delighted to announce that its CITB funding for training courses has been extended to the end of 2024.

Energy & Utility Skills partnered with CITB in July 2023 and introduced a 12-month initiative that revolutionised the funding of training courses for CITB registered employers in the sector.  With favourable reviews from employers across the sector, this initiative has been extended through to the end of December 2024! The partnership provides access to a growing number of eligible courses, currently over 30, for CITB funding. So far, the funding has seen considerable success in supporting the specific needs of employers as well as sector benefiting training in leadership and management.

This collaborative initiative emerged from the collective aspiration of CITB registered Energy & Utility Skills member organisations to optimise the utilisation of the industrial training levy in addressing their specific organisational and industry-related skill needs.

Additional funding is available until the end of the year so if you are a CITB registered employer within the energy and utilities sector please contact us now to find out more.

Stephen Barrett, Director of Membership & Strategic Engagement, Energy & Utility Skills

 CITB registered employers in the sector will be able to apply to Energy & Utility Skills for funding to upskill their employees until December 2024

Energy & Utility Skills can now offer a list of courses eligible for CITB funding. These are:

The above list is not conclusive, so if you have training requirements that don’t align with the current list of courses, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing We are committed to providing courses that meet your training needs.

If you are interested in receiving funding to train your employees for one of the above courses, please fill out our training request form and we will be in touch within two weeks with an update. You must be a CITB registered employer to be eligible for funding.