The water industry plays a vital role in protecting the public health in the U.K. The industry provides safe, high quality drinking water. It covers water supply right from the source to the treatment works, where a variety of processes can be employed to produce safe drinking water that meets rigorous quality standards. The quality of water is carefully protected as it is distributed through distribution networks to customers.

Effective sanitation through provision of sewerage systems networks and waste water treatment plays an equally important role in protecting public health. Sewerage systems networks collect the sewage that flows from our homes and industries to the waste water treatment works. Untreated, this would have a detrimental effect on our health and our environment. A range of treatment methods are used to remove or break down contaminants and ensure final effluents when discharged meet strict environmental quality standards.

Ensuring standards are maintained and wherever possible improved requires a workforce which has a high level of technical knowledge and can deliver an excellent customer experience. That workforce is employed by the water companies and their alliance partners and contractors.

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