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Transmission & Distribution

The Transmission and Distribution Network facilitates the collaboration of employers and stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of skills challenges and supports the development of innovative solutions and common standards of competency.

Transmission & Distribution

Our Work

The approach towards skills and workforce renewal for the Transmission and Distribution Network has been well defined for a number of years. The Transmission and Distribution Network:

  • Regularly reviews the priorities of the sector to ensure a balance between development and the delivery of craft and higher level skills
  • Recommends key training requirements needed within the sector to enhance the skills of entry candidates and those being upskilled
  • Is a conduit for sharing best safety practice between members and the wider industry to ensure we can maintain and enhance the safety of trainees as we embark on significant recruitment, training and development over the coming years.

Sharing best safety practice is key to our success in developing the next generation of highly skilled workers. This is why membership to the network is of great benefit to all those involved.

The Transmission and Distribution Network has been instrumental in developing over 80 new competency standards for the sector to meet the wide range of technical activities carried out across overhead lines, cable jointing and substation fitting.

The new standards have formed the foundation of new Apprenticeship Standards and are changing the way the industry establishes the technical competence of its employees. The standards also underpin the sector’s Competency Accord, providing clarity and confidence for employers moving forward.

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Become a member and help influence the future of the power industry. To find out more about membership please contact us on 0121 713 8255 or email