The Sector’s Inclusion Commitment

The Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership launch a sector inclusion commitment as part of ensuring workforce resilience.

What is it?

A key priority of the Energy & Utilities Workforce Renewal Skills Strategy: 2020 is attracting and recruiting more diverse talent into our sector which reflects our local communities. Currently, our sector is not yet representative of the UK workforce for gender, BAME, disability, and under 24s. Only 5% of the sector’s employees are from black, Asian or minority ethnic groups compared to 15% nationally. Most of our workforce is male and white.

Facing this challenge, CEOs from the sector’s leading businesses have committed to proactively changing these statistics and promote their businesses to under-represented talent. Leveraging its collective impact, the partnership is committed to working across all sectors to recruit and attract a workforce that mirrors and speaks to the communities it serves. Through its work, the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership and its CEOs will highlight the great work already being done by the sector as well as continuing to drive change through its ongoing commitment to inclusive attraction, recruitment, and development of its workforce.

32 sector organisations have launched the inclusion commitment on the 11 February 2019, as a step in tackling the challenge we face together, recognising that no one company can do this alone if things are to change.

Launch Employers

Since the launch in February the following companies have joined the Inclusion Commitment:







The Inclusion Commitment

We commit to:

  • Ensuring the Energy and Utilities sector workforce is inclusive and diverse:
    • Being inclusive enables our sector to attract and retain the diverse talent that is crucial to ensuring a resilient workforce.
    • Being inclusive will help us to be more innovative and achieve greater productivity by adapting to our changing environment.
    • Having a diverse workforce ensures we are reflective and inclusive of the customers and communities we serve.

Five principles underpin our Inclusion Commitment:

  • Work collaboratively as a sector to drive change, challenging ourselves to do things differently, by sharing best practice and delivering sector priorities
  • Focus on inclusion in its entirety, however our sector history requires targeted sector action to start by increasing gender, BAME and disability workforce representation.
  • Measure and be transparent about progress in our individual organisations and as a sector.
  • Ensure we create the culture we need to attract the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Be inclusive in the way we attract, recruit and develop our people.

Phil Beach, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills Group:

“Through the inaugural skills strategy, led by the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership, the UK’s utilities and their contractors have set out their ambition to enhance the diversity of their workforces and be ever more inclusive. This new commitment is a framework. It starts the collective action to help the utility sector workforce better mirror the communities it serves and secure the unquestionable benefits that result from having vibrant, truly inclusive and diverse teams.”

  Launch Video

Sector Demographics

To view the infographics in full, click on an image. You can also view our Industry Profiles, issued in October 2019, here.


Inclusion in Action – Energy & Utilities Jobs

The sector is already collaborating to ensure our industries have a sufficient pipeline of diverse talent entering the sector, whilst retaining quality candidates for the future.
Energy & Utilities Jobs is a collaboration of 25 leading organisations that is tasked with supporting identified sector needs.

Energy & Utilities Jobs connects employers, talent and partners. While also focusing on delivering targeted campaigns on sector attraction, recruitment and talent retention with youth entrants, Apprentices, Graduates, redeployed professionals and service leavers. There is a focus on reaching some our underrepresented demographics including women, BAME and people with disabilities so the opportunities our sector has to offer are more visible to all.

The platform is unique within the sector and specifically designed by and for our members for their needs.

Using the strength of our collective brands and values: Energy & Utilities Jobs allows us to showcase the sector; our people, our opportunities and careers to talent from all backgrounds.


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