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Endorsed Training Programmes

We recognise that there are many organisations who have developed and deliver high-quality training courses.

Endorsed Training Programmes

About the Service

Our Endorsed Training Programme service has been designed to recognise your commitment to quality and it gives you freedom to develop training courses that meet your own needs as well as the specific needs of your customers.  Being endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills provides recognition that you have met all of our requirements.

Your training programme must map to standards, whether recognised industry standards or ones you have created yourself – with or without an employer – and we will review these as part of our endorsement process as well as your resources, delivery plans and quality assurance processes.

Energy & Utility Skills is a ‘Recogniser of Training’ for IGEM/IG/1

All training programmes and assessment in downstream gas work must comply with IGEM/IG/1 ‘Standards of Training in Gas Work’ and be recognised by an IGEM accredited ‘Recogniser of Training’.

If you have a gas training programme that falls into this category, then our years of experience working with employers and training providers in the gas industry means we’re uniquely placed to offer support, advice and guidance throughout the recognition process and beyond.

For more information or to find out about seeking approval or the IGEM/IG/1 standard, please email quality@euskills.co.uk.

Find Out More

We are always very happy to offer advice and guidance before you make a submission to have your training programme endorsed. If you would like to talk to us about the service and to find out more about whether it is suitable for you, please contact us by email at quality@euskills.co.uk.