Recruitment of Apprentices and Graduates - Energy & Utility Skills

Recruitment of Apprentices and Graduates

We specialise in sourcing talent for Apprenticeship and Graduate programmes. Our flexible recruitment services enable you to select and combine products and services to best meet your needs.

Recruitment of Apprentices and Graduates

What Is It?

Our Recruitment, Assessment & Selection Services are designed to break down the barriers that commonly prevent employers from successfully recruiting new talent.

We take pride in our ability to attract the best candidates for our vacancies. We combine our specialist sector and recruitment expertise together with our understanding of how to engage, attract and select entry level recruits. This enables us to attract the best candidates who are genuinely interested in working in the industry, as well as providing a great candidate experience to all applicants whether successful or not.

The Service

We offer a cost effective service that has been developed with our sector in mind and incorporates four key themes:

  • Strategy and Consulting : Adopt tried and tested practice and processes honed for our sector.
  • Talent Engagement : Ensure you reach the target audiences that you want to secure.
  • Talent Attraction : Attract a diverse talent pool using innovative techniques and strategies.
  • Talent Selection : Improve your quality of hire by identifying the right talent using proven techniques.

The full service includes campaign management; advertising both through our network and externally; recruitment and selection; and assessment centre delivery (where applicable), based on propositions specific to our sectors.

The service is suitable for employers of all sizes within the energy and utilities sector.

What are the Benefits?

Our service can help you:

  • Save time and money on the recruitment and selection process
  • Attract the best in class talent with innovative, tried and tested sourcing techniques and tools
  • Get speedy solutions without compromising on quality
  • Add our diverse services to your existing infrastructure and we can act as an extension of your business
  • Through our market-specific knowledge, research and intelligence and by understanding your sector-specific needs, we can help you secure the talent required

Find Out More

To find out more about our Recruitment, Assessment & Selection Services, please contact us on 0121 713 8255 or email