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Standards Consultation Forum

The Standards Consultation Forum (SCF) meets regularly. Please find the forum Terms of Reference and most recent notes and agendas below.

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The Standards Consultation Forum (SCF) is a sub-ordinate group of the Strategic Management Board. The members of the SCF are specific sector representation and can be co-opted as required as agreed by the members of the SCF. The HSE, HSENI and UKAS, have a standing invitation to attend all meetings as observers. The SCF is led by an independent chair, who ensures the interests of all groups are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner, without any interests dominating. Decisions are made based on a majority decision of the membership. SCF members are mindful of UK competition law that prohibits agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between business entities.


The Standards Consultation Forum aims to:

  • Ensure that employers, subject matter experts and self-employed registered engineers and gas industry stakeholders are appropriately consulted as an integral part of the process of competence standard setting arising from proposals to amend, remove or introduce new competency standards, assessment mechanisms and/or associated aspects for businesses seeking registration on the Gas Safe Register.
  • Discuss and agree by way of majority the necessary changes to the competency standards arising from changes to the industry. These changes range from technical bulletins and safety alerts to gas safety related issues and technological innovation in order to ensure the competency standards are current and remain as up to date as reasonably possible.


If the minutes you require aren’t listed here, please contact Richard Harper.

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