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Schemes and Programmes

At Energy & Utility Skills we collaborate with employers to help them with the recruitment, training and upskilling of their workforce.

Schemes and Programmes

Our Work

Most of our training schemes and programmes are based on standards we have developed in collaboration with employers, whilst some are based on other recognised industry or qualification standards. In all cases we use our expertise in designing and developing training and assessment to make sure they are valid and relevant. Our quality assurance processes are embedded within our schemes and programmes to ensure they are reliable and consistent.

The Schemes

There are four categories of training schemes within our portfolio:

Our Schemes and Programmes will qualify an individual for registration on the Energy & Utility Skills Register – the training and skills register developed by Energy & Utility Skills for the sector.

To find a trainer or training provider for any of our schemes and programmes, please use the scheme search on the EUSR website. To access the scheme search click here.

For more information please view our brochure.

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