Our Industries - Energy & Utility Skills

Our Industries

At Energy & Utility Skills, we’re dedicated to driving standards of excellence within our industries. We look after the power, gas, water and waste management industries as well as the supply chain.

Our Industries

Our Work

We work hard in each industry to ensure that we’re continually improving as a sector. Our work focuses on a number of areas including:

Skills and training

  • Developing national occupational standards for jobs within our industries
  • Helping businesses identify and satisfy their skills needs
  • Providing a route to top quality training for businesses and individuals

Research and consultancy

  • Conducted with access to a huge selection of businesses both big and small
  • Accurate and enlightening industry statistics

Protecting the future workforce

  • Promoting careers in our industries to the next generation
  • Safeguarding the legacy of our workforce

Links to government and regulators

  • We are the voice of the industry
  • We help members to navigate the skills policy
  • We help to inform government policy

Working with Industries and their Supply Chains

For more information about our work with industries and their supply chains click the images above or select your industry from the list below:

Find Out More

You can view the Industry Standards employers are now using to support their delivery of the new apprenticeships standards on our Industry Standards page.

To find out more about how membership could benefit your business, please contact 0121 713 8255 or email membership@euskills.co.uk.