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White Papers

Our White Papers aim to stimulate discussion around topics that are critical to sustainable workforce renewal and skills development.

White Papers

What are our White Papers?

Our White Papers cover a range of topics, with some being co-authored in collaboration with partners and others written by our in-house team.

The first of our White Papers was written on the subject of Human Capital and examined whether enough value is placed on the human capital needed to deliver the vital infrastructure this sector provides. This work was supported by a report commissioned by SSE, which demonstrates how both a company and society benefit from proper investment in its workforce through increased earnings for individuals and resulting increased tax payments.

White Papers are intended to explore a range of issues relating to delivery of the aims of the energy and utility sector’s Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy. This sets out our approach to securing the 221,000 new recruits we need within the next decade. Our employers are struggling to access the skills they need, with 36% of sector vacancies being hard to fill due to skills issues, and even more skilled individuals will be needed to deliver an ambitious infrastructure project pipeline in the years ahead.

We are working to address this by:

  • Broadening our talent pool
  • Maximising skills investment
  • Delivering targeted long term interventions to resolve specific gaps and shortages

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If you would like to suggest a topic for a White Paper or discuss corporate partnership options with us, please email communications@euskills.co.uk.