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Net Zero Technology Skills Group

The National Skills Academy for Power Metering Network continues to introduce an employer-led strategic approach towards competence, training and assessment for the metering industry.

Net Zero Technology Skills Group

What Is It?

The Net Zero Technology Skills Group (NZTSG) works to identify, prioritise and seek to address skills issues within the metering sector. Activities focus on the upskilling of existing staff as well as innovative skills solutions designed to help ensure the competence of new entrants. The network incorporates both electricity and gas smart meter installation skills development requirements.

We work closely with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), producing productivity scenarios and installer projections based upon supplier rollout profiles towards the Government’s official rollout timetable. Productivity scenarios have also assisted Electricity and Gas Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) with their emergency response resourcing requirements as part of their recent well justified business plan submissions to OFGEM.


The key objectives for the Net Zero Technology Skills Group are:

  • As the recognised sub-group of the Smart Metering Operations Group, the NZTSG support industry in ensuring sufficient installation capacity for the smart metering rollout
  • Develop collaborative methods to ensure skills capacity and capability meets rollout requirements
  • Be a recognised, expert network for the metering skills agenda across the wider power industry
  • Provide national networking opportunities for member company representatives and seek sharing of best practice across the skills agenda


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