Supply Chain - Energy & Utility Skills

Supply Chain

The Energy & Utilities Sector employs a supply chain which plays a critical role in delivering the sector’s services across all our industries

Supply Chain

Services for the Supply Chain

We provide a number of services designed to support organisations working at various levels across our industries’ supply chains that enable them to:

  • Plan for a resilient workforce through our strategic workforce planning services
  • Access apprenticeship services by having appropriate apprenticeship standards and frameworks in place and access to industry led end-point assessment services
  • Attract talent, through the sector’s digital platform, Energy & Utilities Jobs, which promotes sector visibility to the next generation and gives access to an industry talent pool
  • Support workforce recruitment, upskilling and mobility with the sector’s register, EUSR, which provides verified proof of training, skills, authorisations and qualifications
  • Provision of relevant and valid training programmes and schemes to support standardisation and reliability of training across many industries
  • Maximise investment in skills through the supply chain, with the Energy and Utilities Skills partnership endorsed Procurement Skills Accord, to address technical skills gaps and shortages
  • Access our tailor-made Skills Solutions service that delivers solutions to meet your skills needs, including consultancy, providing advice and technical expertise and quality, cost effective learning solutions.
  • Through our membership services, address specific supply chain skills needs, including how we work with CITB, key networking and collaboration opportunities and access to the latest industry news and thought leadership
  • We work in partnership with CITB and are now recognised as a third-party awarding body; offering an array of sector-based schemes and standards that are in scope for CITB short course duration funding purposes. Any CITB levy paying organisation is issued an automated grant payment upon the completion of a course, following the achievement being submitted onto the Construction Training Register. To find out more about how Energy & Utility Skills work with CITB and view the current list of sector-based schemes and standards, click here.

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