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Sector Skills Research and Market Intelligence

We’re the sector’s leading authority on skills and workforce development in the UK. Our unique market intelligence, skills and policy expertise give us substantial links with industry professionals.

Sector Skills Research and Market Intelligence

What We Do

With access to all of the UK’s leading skills, employment and population datasets, as well as significant skills policy expertise, we can provide you with up-to-date, detailed analysis and advice on the state of skills and employment in your locality, region, nation or sector.

We are able to provide a bespoke research service in all areas relating to skills, employment and labour market conditions.

Examples of recent work include:

  • Given evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on skills shortages affecting the electricity sector, resulting in 12 occupations being placed on the UK’s Shortage Occupation List
  • Partnered with Oxera and the Rail Skills Strategy Board to provide skills intelligence and labour modelling expertise relating to the economic impact of a potential rail Centre of Excellence
  • Supplied Skills Development Scotland with in-depth analysis of the current and future demand for skills and labour across Scotland’s renewables and power grid sectors, resulting in an updated Energy Skills Investment Plan
  • Supported Tribal Group to deliver a pilot Labour Market Observatory in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Conducted an in-depth review of the skills required to deliver Scotland’s Smart Grids strategy (commissioned by Scottish Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland and the Energy Skills Partnership)

For something a little more “off-the-shelf”, we offer a unique assessment of local level labour market conditions for a geographic area that suits you (i.e. the resident population within your area of operation).

We have developed an approach which will highlight those local areas which are likely to have a surplus of talent, and those local areas where recruiting the skills you need might be more of a challenge.

This is based on ranking each local area against the national or regional average across of a range of 15 labour market indicators, including:

  • Employment rate
  • Unemployment rate – of adults and young people
  • Long-term unemployment
  • People with no qualifications
  • People with degrees
  • Young people continuing their education
  • Skill shortage vacancies

Each area is then given an overall rank based on their average performance against all labour market indicators – from best performing to worst.

Sector Demographics – Skills and Diversity Data

In May 2022, we released a new detailed snapshot of skills and diversity in the energy and utilities sector, featuring clear and concise infographics that highlight recent changes in the gas, power, water and waste industries, as well as the sector’s supply chain, for which data is now available. Please click on the links below to view the data by industry.

As well as offering many reports for free, we also create a number of reports exclusively for our members:

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