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Energy & Utility Skills Register

The Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) is the online register of training and skills for the energy and utilities sector.


Energy & Utility Skills Register

What Is It?

The Energy & Utility Skills Register is a register of individuals’ training and skills.  Individuals that undertake training and/or assessment on a scheme or programme have this training recorded against their EUSR registration.

Individuals are issued with a unique EUSR ID number as well as a photo ID card – this card also displays the training or skills recorded on EUSR against the individual. EUSR registration is valid for a fixed period of time, usually between three and five years and individuals are required to renew their registrations by undertaking the relevant training once their registration has expired.

EUSR Support

The EUSR support team checks all the evidence, such as certificates and identification, before we register an individual’s training on EUSR –  so you can have confidence that the register is robust and up to date. Employers use the register to verify an individual’s training and skills –  it’s accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Register holds over 300,000 training and skills records, with over 3,000 new registrations being added each week.

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