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Knowledge Retention Solutions

Organisations need confidence that the cost of training delivers a return on investment through increased employee knowledge and capability, leading to higher performance, profit and compliance. Our ‘Clever Nelly’ tool measures this.

Knowledge Retention Solutions

What Is It?

Through our commitment to develop our sector’s employees and assure a return on investment from the training within our membership organisations, the Energy & Utility Skills Group has partnered with award-winning employee knowledge retention specialists Elephants Don’t Forget, to deliver the Clever Nelly tool. Clever Nelly aids knowledge retention and innovative learning.

Clever Nelly uses a range of sophisticated, employer specific, multiple-choice questions delivered randomly to employees via email, an app on a smart phone, tablet or desktop. The Clever Nelly tool varies the subject matter of the questions that each individual user receives based on that individual’s past responses.

Through continuous assessment and measurement, Clever Nelly provides you with precise insight on employees’ understanding of key subject areas, enabling you to save money and drive future business performance.

Clever Nelly guarantees that your employees learn key knowledge from their training. As well as helping them retain information, it also gives employers complete visibility of what each individual employee knows and doesn’t know.

What are the Benefits?

The Clever Nelly tool can benefit both employer and employees:

  • An innovative and flexible reporting function that can establish and support training needs analysis
  • Proven improved staff retention rates and increased knowledge across the business
  • Targeted training needs that will lead to cost efficiencies within learning and development
  • Creation of a culture of continuous learning which supports the core values of the business and drives improvements

Find Out More

To find out more about how our knowledge retention solutions can help you, email or call us on 0121 713 8255.