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Drainage and Sewers

With around 625,000 kilometres of sewer in the UK and 1.3m of rainfall in 2020, we’re here to support the training of over 32,600 people the country needs to keep everything flowing

Drainage and Sewers

Our Work 

Working closely with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and its training arm, the National Drainage Academy (NDA), we have endorsed a complete range of courses, relating to each discipline within the drainage and sewerage industry.  

These courses include:  

SHEA Drains and Sewers 

Our SHEA Drains and Sewers scheme has been developed in collaboration with The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and is designed for individuals who require access to operational sites within the drainage and sewerage industry, both permanent and temporary, at all levels including operatives, supervisors and management.

The scheme is now offered as part of the National Drainage Academy’s (NDA) set of training courses. It is also partnered with CSCS and makes use of their card scheme, allowing drainage and sewerage industry workers access to CSCS controlled sites for purposes of utilities work, without the need for a separate CSCS card.

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Formally launching on 9 November 2021, the DrainSafe scheme developed by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), an Energy & Utility Skills Approved Provider, will provide a framework through which customers of the drainage industry can be assured that their contractor is competent to do the work.  

Firms subscribing to the DrainSafe programme will be audited and monitored to ensure they are compliant with the requirements of the scheme.  

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