Bespoke Programmes - Energy & Utility Skills

Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke Programmes can be in any industry within our sector, on any topic, for any duration and at any level. They can be job or role specific or industry wide.

Bespoke Programmes

Who Are They For?

Bespoke Programmes can be pan-industry or organisation specific, for large national organisations or a regionally based SMEs.

Examples of Bespoke Programmes include:

Developing a Programme

We can work with you to develop a Bespoke Programme when there are no industry standards or it requires a tailored approach to quality assurance or if it is specific to your company or industry.

If you want to develop an Energy & Utility Skills Bespoke Programme, our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way – from the very beginning when it’s still at concept stage right through to creating standards, designing a structure, developing content, creating assessments and quality assurance processes….and beyond…including diagnostic testing, creating on and off line resources, delivery plans as well as on-going auditing and verification.

Not only will you gain confidence that your Programme maps to the relevant standards and your assessments are fit-for-purpose, you’ll be able to use our ‘Energy & Utility Skills Endorsed Programme’ logo on relevant promotional material.  We’ll also share best practice with you on the development of information and guidance for individuals as well as compliance with regulatory requirements such as Equality and Accessibility.

Find Out More

Want to talk through an idea for a Bespoke Programme? Contact us at or call us on 0845 077 99 22 and we can talk through your vision and how we can work with you to make it a reality.