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Amey Supports North West Smart Metering Apprentices

Amey, a member of The National Skills Academy for Power (the Skills Academy) has stepped in to recruit three Apprentices after their previous employer went into administration.

Amey Supports North West Smart Metering Apprentices

Dayle Taylor, Mohsan Aziz and Matthew Paisey will train as dual fuel smart metering operatives in Amey’s Metering Services team.

Trevor Freeman, Metering Services Delivery Manager at Amey explained: “The timing was just right for Amey to step in and give these Apprentices another chance at training and employment. They’ll be trained in gas and electricity and we’ll be giving them the support they need to become the smart technicians of the future.

Mohsan Aziz said: “I’ve really enjoyed the opening week of my Apprenticeship. Going out with engineers and getting an understanding of their work has helped me understand some of the things I will come across when I’m there doing it for myself. This is a great opportunity and I’m sure it will open many doors in the future.”

Amey has been working closely with the Skills Academy to implement a smart metering Apprenticeship framework. The recruitment of these Apprentices allows the Skills Academy to accelerate the implementation plans and bring forward their Smart Metering development programme.

Dayle, Mohsan and Matthew will receive their workshop electricity and smart communications training at Amey’s Ashburton Training Academy and will be travelling to Tresham College for their gas training.

Steve Collier, Client Manager and Metering Network Lead at the Skills Academy said: “We’ve been working closely with Amey and the National Apprenticeship Service to help ‘rehome’ some of the Manchester youngsters and I’m absolutely delighted these smart metering Apprentices will be receiving a fabulous training experience with one of our most involved Skills Academy members.”