Utilises Labour Forecasting Tool for Wind Farms - Welsh Government

Welsh Government Utilises Labour Forecasting Tool for Wind Farms

The Energy & Utility Skills Group has been working with Welsh Government who expressed an interest in maximising the economic benefits from proposed wind farm developments so they could understand the future workforce requirements to construct and operate wind farms in Mid Wales.

Welsh Government Utilises Labour Forecasting Tool for Wind Farms

Using EU Skills’ Labour Forecasting Tool, the EU Skills Group carried out the analysis of future employment figures for 11 different wind farms in Mid Wales, with an anticipated generating capacity of 844 MW. Wind farm developers included the Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Group, Vattenfall, RWE npower and Scottish Renewables. The findings were presented to the Welsh Government Working Group in Cardiff and a first draft of the report has been submitted to Welsh Government for their review.

We are currently waiting for a response from Welsh Government and look forward to receiving their feedback. The research is phase one of our original proposal to Welsh Government. Following the success of this phase of work, we anticipate that there will be interest from wind farm developers to utilise our Workforce Planning Model to help them to develop an accurate picture of workforce demand requirements, to support them in identifying how the skills gap can be addressed whilst ensuring maximum economic benefits to Mid Wales.

If you have any questions about the Labour Forecasting Tool, please get in touch.