Review of Shortage Occupation List - Migration Advisory Committee

Migration Advisory Committee’s Review of Shortage Occupation List

We would like to thank employers who have contributed to or supported our latest submission to the Migration Advisory Committee, responding to their call for evidence on whether Overhead Linesworkers should remain on the Skills Shortage Occupation List.

Migration Advisory Committee's Review of Shortage Occupation List

We have received input from a significantly broader range of organisations than for previous submissions, supporting our view that this vital role should indeed remain on the list. Our understanding, from speaking to a range of employers in power transmission and distribution (and particularly with contractors) is that, although great strides are being made in training new linesworkers, the supply of experienced individuals capable of leading teams remains insufficient for UK employers.

This level of engagement with the Call for Evidence this year suggests that more employers are waking up to the urgent need to address this issue.

Early reports are that the MAC are inclined to look favourably on the arguments being made by industry.

If you have any questions about the MAC Review of Shortage Occupation List, please get in touch.