Competency Framework - Scottish Waste Management Industry

Competency Framework for the Scottish Waste Management Industry

The Energy & Utility Skills Group is in the last stages of finalising a competence framework for the waste management industry in Scotland.

The development of the framework has been commissioned by the Scottish Waste Industry Training, Competency, Health & Safety Forum (SWITCH), facilitated through Zero Waste Scotland. It provides a baseline of competences within the industry for entry level roles, with a strong focus on health, safety and the environment.

The draft framework was presented to representatives from across the industry at a Waste Practitioners event in Glasgow on Tuesday 21 April and is being circulated to employers across Scotland for final comment before being signed off by SWITCH. Once finalised, the framework will be used to assess training provision, in particular induction training to ensure an appropriate standard is being delivered.

Industry practitioners at the workshop expressed strong views in support of using the framework to develop a passport scheme for entry/ working in the sector, particularly for supply chain/ agency workers.

If you have any questions about the Competency Framework, please get in touch.