Hugely beneficial safety, health & environmental awareness courses

“Hugely beneficial” safety, health & environmental awareness courses set for delivery.

The redeveloped Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Water and Core courses are available for delivery from 15 January 2018.*


“Hugely beneficial” safety, health & environmental awareness courses set for delivery.

SHEA one-day courses are essential for all individuals, including supervisors and managers, who require access to utility operational sites. They have been redeveloped with health and safety professionals, industry experts and experienced trainers.

All SHEA courses cover the essentials of safety, health and environmental awareness and each course is contextualised to a specific industry. They are interactive to support different learning styles and only delivered by trainers with relevant industry experience. Completion of a SHEA course enables individuals to demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours essential and are fully aware of safe and hygienic practices.

Updates to SHEA Core and Water include an improved course specification which gives greater detail on learning outcomes and clarity on the assessment. Trainers are also provided with a brand new Programme Leader’s Guide which includes delivery ideas, activities and wider reading references. The assessment has also been re-developed with new and revised multiple choice questions.

“The course materials will be a great asset to any trainer delivering the SHEA Core scheme,” said the Centre Co-ordinator at Utility & Construction Training Limited. “The inclusion of mandatory and optional activities is a great idea and will really help to get the individuals thinking and also to reaffirm the messages the course is trying to get across.”

Completion of SHEA courses gives the individual an Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) registration and also access to CSCS-controlled sites to complete utilities work.

Nick Ellins, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills Group: “The Energy & Utility Skills Register is hugely beneficial to employers and individuals alike as they move between companies or between industries. EUSR gives employers a robust way of verifying the abilities of their workers, and individuals have a recognised method of demonstrating their abilities to employers.

“We are pleased to make these re-developed SHEA courses available. The changes improve the learning experience and support the transference of knowledge to make workplaces safer and more efficient. The SHEA courses and the Energy & Utility Skills Register are part of our ongoing commitment to support safety and add value to our sector.”

All SHEA trainers must attend a briefing during January and February 2018 to maintain their approval for these courses for a further 3 years. Those that need to book a briefing should email

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* The SHEA Gas, Power, Network & Telecommunications and Cross Country Pipelines Health & Safety Passport schemes have also been redeveloped and will be launched in March 2018. For more information, visit

** The Energy & Utility Skills Group is at the forefront of bringing industry leaders together to identify and address the skills challenges our sector faces. It provides membership, assurance and skills solutions to help employers attract, develop and retain a sustainable skilled workforce to ensure the seamless delivery of essential services to 65 million people each day. It collaborates with employers to support their workforce needs and sector-wide workforce mobility.