Government Seeks Feedback Employers on Ethnicity Pay Reporting January

Government Seeks Feedback from Employers on Ethnicity Pay Reporting: January 2019.

Government issues document detailing the Ethnicity Pay Reporting Consultation with a January 2019 deadline.

Government Seeks Feedback from Employers on Ethnicity Pay Reporting: January 2019.

The Government has recently issued a document that details the Ethnicity Pay Reporting Consultation. The consultation aims to seek the views and approach of employers on ethnicity pay reporting. The basis of the consultation will present employers with various options and ask questions on the following areas:

  • What ethnicity pay information should be reported by employers to allow for meaningful action
  • Who should be expected to report
  • Next steps

The deadline for consultation feedback is 11 January 2019.

The consultation has come as a natural progression to the government’s latest efforts to progress forward with consistency and transparency with regards to what and how employers report on ethnicity pay. It is essential that employers have their say, in order to help shape the future of government policy on ethnicity pay reporting.

With input from employers, the government seeks to pave a better way for diversity within the workplace and implement measures to drive change; acting to overcome any barriers faced by ethnic groups in the workplace.

The consultation doesn’t just represent a beneficial change for the government or ethnic groups within the workplace but also employers themselves will benefit.

As stated by Kelly Tolhurts MP (Minister for Small Business, Consumers & Corporate Responsibility) – “Reporting ethnicity pay information enables employers to identify – and then tackle – barriers to creating a truly diverse workforce. If there is a consistent approach to reporting, they can also benchmark and measure their progress by comparing themselves to other employers and learn from them”.

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