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National Water Hygiene – Trainer Briefings

A re-developed National Water Hygiene scheme launches in February 2019. Trainer briefings are taking place to introduce the new scheme to providers.

National Water Hygiene - Trainer Briefings

We are launching a re-developed National Water Hygiene (NWH) scheme in February 2019.

Existing NWH trainers will be invited, via email, to attend a Trainer Briefing, where they will be introduced to the revised scheme and new delivery and support materials.

The half-day Trainer Briefings will take place over a two-month period from the start of February; trainers will get the opportunity to book on to an AM or PM slot.

In these Briefings, trainers will be taken through the new NWH Specification, which details the knowledge and understanding within the training programme. The specification also includes new assessment criteria, which clarifies exactly what individuals will be assessed against.

There is also a new Programme Leader’s Guide (PLG) which supports the specification and includes content the trainer can use to help structure delivery. The PLG also contains interesting facts, case studies and optional activities the trainer can use alongside their own experience and knowledge to create an even better learning experience.

We have also introduced new and revised questions for the assessment which will carry on being delivered through a multiple choice test.

Below is a list of the dates for Briefings*:

Attending a Briefing is mandatory to maintain approval and non-attendance will result in the removal of approval.

If you have any questions regarding the trainer update briefing, please contact the EUSR Support team, Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm, on Tel: 0845 077 99 22 or Email:


*Dates are subject to change