Collab Group partner secure a resilient utility workforce post-Brexit

Collab Group and Energy & Utility Skills partner to secure a resilient utility workforce post-Brexit

Collab Group has formed a partnership with us, aiming to connect leading UK colleges with the country’s leading energy and utility employers.

Collab Group and Energy & Utility Skills partner to secure a resilient utility workforce post-Brexit

The Collab Group has formed a new strategic partnership with Energy & Utility Skills which includes access to the end point assessment service – ‘Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service’. The partnership aims to connect leading UK colleges with the country’s leading energy and utility employers to inspire more learners into industry apprenticeships as they develop a sustainable workforce for a post-Brexit economy.

The energy and utility sector expect around 20% of its skilled workforce to retire in the next ten years. Over 200,000 new recruits will be needed to fill the skills gap and provide essential services to millions of customers. Both partners recognise the strategic value of the UK’s utilities sector and the current challenge it faces to access the skilled and qualified workforce it needs.

By joining forces, Collab Group and Energy & Utility Skills provides a one-stop shop for their memberships to gain full value of the apprenticeship levy through high quality and targeted apprenticeships, and investment in skills. Collab Group members will also be able to work with the Government approved ‘Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service’ which provides high quality apprenticeship end point assessment services and ensures transferability of skills across the energy and utilities sector.


Nick Ellins, Energy & Utility Skills Group Chief Executive, said: “This new partnership evolved from the launch of the major Energy & Utilities Workforce Renewal & Skills Strategy, and brings together our experience and insights to help ensure the UK’s vital utility sector has the skilled, resilient and sustainable workforce it needs. Collab and its member colleges play a pivotal role in ensuring that these energy and utilities companies and their vital delivery partners have the competent and skilled workers needed to give customers and society what are their most essential services.”


Ian Pretty, Collab Group’s CEO said: “Together, we can create real change. We both have a great capacity to influence thanks to our extensive network of industry leaders, providers and employers. By joining forces, we will be able to extend our connections, gaining even more strength to influence and develop the skills system so that it supports economic growth and productivity.”

Both partners share the strategic ambition to build a resilient and strong workforce which will be fit for a post-Brexit economy and deliver the UK’s essential services that 65 million people rely on each day. The joint approach will help change the perception of apprenticeships in the energy and utilities sector and encourage more learners and colleges to recognise the industry as an exciting and rewarding career choice.

Energy & Utility Skills is a membership organisation that brings together industry leaders to identify and address the skills challenges within the sector. The organisation helps employers attract, develop and maintain a sustainable, skilled workforce through its specialist services.

Collab Group represents 34 of the largest colleges in the UK, including members of the devolved nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Its member colleges are expert at providing high quality apprenticeship training for major national employers.