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New PLUS Endorsement Codes

We have introduced new PLUS endorsement codes on the reverse of the EUSR ID card.

New PLUS Endorsement Codes

We’ve responded to requests from employers and providers to provide more PLUS registration information on an individual’s EUSR ID card; new PLUS endorsement codes now appear on the reverse of the EUSR ID card.

Because of the complexity of the different registration categories available for PLUS, we use abbreviations to show the different endorsements on the reverse of the EUSR ID card.

  • The plant equipment and its category/capacity (for example, PLUS 360 Excavator (Tracked) > 30 Tonnes) will always be displayed in full on the EUSR ID card.
  • The relevant attachments and testing activities (TAs) will always be shown as codes on the EUSR ID card.


Training and testing completed On the EUSR ID card
360 Excavator (Tracked) > 30 Tonnes

Bucket and Magnet

TA9 – Lift the load from minimum radius, position the load at 75% of full radius and rotate for a minimum of 180 degrees. On completion land the load at a given point and detach

PLUS 360 Excavator (Tracked) > 30 Tonnes



To find out more about PLUS click here.

PLUS z-card

We are also introducing a PLUS z-card to display all PLUS endorsement codes and what they represent.

The z-card is the size of a credit card and folds out to an A4 piece of paper to list all the codes. This can fit into an individual’s wallet and is easy to carry around. Every time an individual’s PLUS card is printed and posted to them, a z-card will also be sent out with it.

The z-card is available to download here.

Find Out More

For more information, please contact EUSR Support, Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5pm, email or tel 0845 077 99 22 (option 1)