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Training programme endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills offers ongoing safe development of apprentices during the pandemic

M Group Services’ commitment to apprenticeships, and to adapting to COVID-19 challenges, is highlighted in a new case study.

Training programme

Apprenticeships are vital to the future of M Group Services. The Emerging Talent Team (ETT) needed new ways of delivering their apprenticeship training to reduce face-to-face contact following the challenges brought about by COVID-19. They introduced remote training using video conferencing systems, allowing apprentices to continue their training in line with distancing rules.

During the pandemic, M Group Services’ Apprenticeship Development Scheme (ADS) was endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills, which allowed them to demonstrate the quality of their programme and benefit from advice, guidance and support for their training function. Learners who successfully complete their ADS also receive formal recognition of their learning with an EUSR registration.

Read more about the virtual ADS in the new ‘Apprenticeship Development Scheme goes virtual’ case study.

M Group Services’ approach has been hugely successful and the ETT believes this new approach will give additional flexibility when adapting to any future challenges, such as a reintroduction of lockdown or restricted travel, during which they will be able to continue the personal and professional development of their apprentices.

“The virtual sessions have been a great success, in what has been a very challenging year. It has enabled us to continue developing our apprentices, while reducing the impact on the operational side of the business. The feedback from the apprentices continues to be positive and they have seen how the sessions have added value to their programme and their personal journey.”

Jayne Ellison – National Apprenticeship Manager, M Group Services

Having the ADS endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills confirms the quality of the training delivered. M Group Services felt it was important for apprentices to achieve something tangible at the end of the apprenticeship in the form of an EUSR registration. Having a quality mark recognised by industry, as well as including valuable transferable skills, is of huge value.

Energy & Utility Skills develops and manages sector-wide schemes which qualify an individual for registration on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR). While the passport schemes (such as Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) and National Water Hygiene) are well known and have been widely adopted by the sector, many employers are less aware that Energy & Utility Skills can also endorse an employer’s own training programme, qualifying those completing the programme for an EUSR registration.

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