Energy & Utility Skills welcomes the Heat and Buildings Strategy. - EU Skills

The energy and utilities sector welcomes the publication of the latest decarbonisation strategy for Heat & Buildings which forms a key component to achieve Net Zero. The strategy provides welcome clarity for the sector on the scale of change required.

Phil Beach CBE, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills said:

“The increased use of low-carbon technologies, such as heat pumps, will need an army of heating engineers and installers. An adequate skilled workforce is vital to ensure safety and technology performance which drives uptake. This will require a concerted effort to upskill and reskill the existing workforce and develop apprenticeships and qualifications for the next generation of employees. The size of this skills challenge is significant, and the sector stands ready to work with Government to turn this strategy into reality.”

We look forward to working with Government to understand the potential role for hydrogen in heating buildings and ensuring that the necessary skills infrastructure is put in place.