New PLUS Instructor Training Standard now available - EU Skills

New PLUS Instructor Training Standard now available

Energy & Utility Skills is pleased to announce the launch of its new instructor training standard for Approved PLUS Providers

New PLUS Instructor Training Standard

The launch of the new Plant for Utilities (PLUS) Instructor Training Standard means Approved PLUS Providers can now produce their own plant instructor training programmes, or have their existing programmes approved by Energy & Utility Skills under the PLUS Scheme.

This standard is for Approved PLUS Providers and it has been created to support providers in bringing in new PLUS trainers.

Once a programme is approved, providers can use it to train individuals on how to deliver and produce PLUS training. Those individuals can then go on to deliver PLUS training programmes for the Approved Providers.

Individuals who successfully complete this programme will still need to meet the trainer requirements, listed in the SAR, to deliver PLUS training. Also, they will only be able to deliver PLUS training for the Approved PLUS Providers they are assigned to.

Existing Approved PLUS Providers have already received a copy of the full programme details.

If you are a trainer and would like to deliver the Plant for Utilities Scheme (PLUS), please see our guidance on delivering skills-based schemes.