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Energy & Utility Skills is turning green

Energy & Utility Skills has rebranded to reflect our renewed vision for the future

Energy & Utility Skills is turning green

Starting in April 2023, Energy & Utility Skills is changing the way we look.

Whether it is water, waste management, gas, or power; we recognise that the sector is in the vanguard of delivering the UK’s 2050 commitments for the environment and infrastructure.

To ensure that we continue to support their skills needs, we have reset our sights and updated our vision.

Our new vision reflects our commitment to support industries in our sector. 

Skills for a greener world’ captures our determination to support industry to attract, develop, and retain the workforce needed to deliver existing services and drive forward the ambition for the future sustainable environment and de-carbonised economy.

We are now updating our branding to reflect this, and to signify our commitment to these principles.

Our work reflects that energy and utility industries underpin the nation’s green ambitions and also recognises that the sector provides high quality careers in both existing and emerging roles. 

Energy & Utility Skills is turning green

From the former purple-focussed logo and colour schemes, Energy & Utility Skills is now moving to a predominantly green and dark blue scheme.

This change will also affect the sub-brands of Energy & Utility Skills, which will all now use the same green icon and dark blue text.

These sub-brands are:

  • Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS)
  • EUSR
  • NSAP
  • Energy & Utilities Jobs (EUJ)
  • Energy & Utility Skills Partnership (EUSP)

Energy & Utility Skills continues to be committed to supporting the sector to maintain a skilled and sustainable workforce now and in the future. 

For more information about the new branding, or if you have any questions about our new vision, please contact