Success for Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding - Energy & Utility Skills

Success for Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding

Success for Energy & Utility Skills CITB Employer Funding

At the bequest of contractors operating across the energy and utilities sector, Energy & Utility Skills partnered with CITB to introduce a 12-month initiative that revolutionised the funding of training courses for CITB registered employers. Since its launch in July 2023, the pilot has reduced the complexity of the drawdown process, providing access to almost 30 courses eligible for CITB funding, with more to follow. These courses have garnered highly favourable reviews from employers and are demonstrating considerable success in areas supporting the specific needs across the sector as well as more generic training.

“The Energy & Utility Skills Employer Network Group funding opportunities have been of great benefit to Clancy. This has provided the funds for 101 employees to take part in regular training; saving us both time and money and providing greater flexibility.”

Eleanor Lawes, Learning and Development Programme Lead, Clancy.

“With a 6 week OHL Trainee programme starting at the beginning of February 2024, the Energy & Utility Skills and CITB Utilities Sector Funding Pilot has proved to be a huge support and benefit ensuring a funding stream for our 15 trainees. On completion of the five key courses which were built and developed by our business, the pilot has made it possible to submit the content of the courses which were industry recognised and approved to secure previously unavailable funding.”

Jaqueline Wells, Energy and Water Training Manager, Morgan Sindall

This initiative presents the ideal opportunity for CITB registered employers to receive the funding required to upskill their employees. These training courses have been selected to enable utility industry employers to invest in the future.

“This collaborative initiative emerged from the collective aspiration of CITB registered Energy & Utility Skills member organisations to optimise the utilisation of the industrial training levy in addressing their specific organisational and industry-related skill needs. More funding is available now so registered industry employers are welcome to contact us to find out more.”  

Stephen Barrett, Director of Membership & Strategic Engagement, Energy & Utility Skills.

Energy & Utility Skills can now offer a list of courses eligible for CITB funding. These are:

The above list is not conclusive, so if you have training requirements that doesn’t align with the current list of courses, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by emailing We are committed to providing courses that meet your training needs.

If you are interested in receiving funding to train your employees for one of the above courses, please fill out our training request form and we will be in touch within two weeks with an update. You must be a CITB registered employer to be eligible for funding.