House of Lords Debate on Skills  - EU Skills

House of Lords Debate on Skills 

House of Lords Debate on Skills 

In May, the House of Lords debated the importance of skills in shaping the future economy, and its impact on people’s lives and careers.

Led by crossbench peer, and renowned skills advocate Lord Aberdare, the debate was informed by contributions from Energy & Utility Skills. Lord Aberdare highlighted the significance of skills in the sector and helped ensure that skills system reform is embedded in the future work of parliament.

Phil Beach, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills was thanked for providing the briefing for the debate by Lord Aberdare:

‘Many thanks for your helpful briefing for my debate on the importance of skills last Thursday. You may already have seen the Hansard report here.  I received a considerable quantity of input and was all too conscious of not having enough time to refer to much of it specifically. But I was pleased that so many speakers took part in the debate and felt that it successfully highlighted the scale of the skills challenge and the breadth of activity needed to address it. I will continue to do what I can to ensure that the House of Lords continues to focus on contributing to policy in this vital area.’

Lord Aberdare