Membership Update - EU Skills

Membership Update

May 2024

Membership Update

Occupational Mapping 

Energy & Utility Skills is pleased to include Occupational Mapping within our member-led priorities as of February 2024.  

Occupational mapping allows us to systematically identify routes to competence for key occupations within the sector, and as a result, upskilling and reskilling opportunities between occupations. It will help us understand current and future skill needs, pinpoint gaps, and develop recruitment, training, and career development strategies. 

At a broader level, it allows us to analyse the structure and dynamics of the labour market and identify trends in employment patterns. This comprehensive understanding can inform, and influence policy decisions related to workforce development and education. It is a valuable tool for ensuring individuals are equipped with the right skills and qualifications, contributing to a safe, skilled, and sustainable workforce. 

We are seeking member volunteers to participate in a Task and Finish Group to help us deliver a proof-of-concept occupational map. The Task and Finish Group will inform the purpose, scope, and approach to occupational mapping. Members who would like to get involved should contact Stephen Barrett, Director of Membership and Strategic Engagement, at

Energy & Utility Skills HVDC Knowledge-share Discussion 

In February, the National Skills Academy for Power brought its members together with several key HVDC industry stakeholders, including RenewableUK and Global Wind Organisation, in a knowledge-sharing session to ensure visibility of work that is underway, and agree on key areas for potential alignment of activity or collaboration. 

The potential opportunities for collaboration identified to address HVDC skills issues were: 

  • Awareness-Level HVDC Standard 
  • Recruitment and Sector Attraction to fulfil the volume of skills needed. 
  • Additional HVDC knowledge and skills required by apprentices. 

Members are encouraged to contact Stephen Barrett, at, if they are interested in discussing any of these opportunities to work with the National Skills Academy for Power.