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Sector Attraction & Retention Strategy 

Sector Attraction & Retention Strategy 

We have begun work on developing a, critical, cross industry, Sector Attraction Strategy in collaboration with our Members.

The Strategy is being developed in response to a range of immediate and strategic challenges facing the energy and utilities industries in relation to attraction, recruitment and retention. The strategy will provide a targeted approach to attracting diverse, new and experienced hires to support the energy and utility industries transition to net-zero and address the challenges of climate change. We aim to develop a compelling value proposition that positions energy and utilities as the industry for a greener world.

The strategy focusses on four deliverables and associated activities:

  • Developing Partnerships – To broaden our reach and open routes to market, such as Job Centre Plus, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other industry bodies.
  • Energy & Utilities Jobs – Making this the central touch point for anyone looking to find out more about careers in the sector.
  • Careers Initiatives – Engaging at Careers events, Developing career pathways, tools, and information etc.
  • Effective PR and Marketing – Developing a robust plan to promote the sector and maintain a regular drum beat about the compelling industry value proposition.

At the last Sector Attraction Strategy group held on 14th November, we looked at the various approaches we could develop, focussing on:

(a) the general promotion and awareness raising of the wide and ranging career opportunities on offer within the sector and the role individuals joining the sector can play in making a greener world and;

(b) targeted approaches to be developed for agreed priority roles across Power, Gas, Water and Waste & Recycling.

This is a very exciting strategy and would encourage all Energy & Utility Skills Members who are interested in this programme to contact or and get involved!