Occupational Maps Consultation Published - Energy & Utility Skills

Occupational Maps Consultation Published

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) has published the results of its occupational maps consultation. Each occupational map details the occupations in a particular route that can be achieved through an apprenticeship or T Level qualification.

Occupational Maps Consultation Published

Overall, the responses revealed general support for the occupational maps, the occupations listed and the way in which they are organised, as well as the dual apprenticeship and T Level pathways. Respondents recognised the value of the occupational maps for individuals, employers and training providers. There was still some lack of understanding about the purpose of the occupational maps, and in particular what is meant by an “occupation”. There was also some confusion about the difference between an apprenticeship and a T Level – in particular the difference between on the job training/work experience and study. In addition, stakeholders voiced concerns about how the maps will remain current and forward-looking.

Consequently, some changes have been made to the occupational maps. The occupational maps will be owned and reviewed regularly by the IfA’s industry and assessment experts to ensure they remain accurate, up-to-date and forward-looking.

Click here for a summary of the overall consultation outcomes and the key decisions for the Engineering and Manufacturing Route map which charts the majority of occupations in the energy and utilities sector.