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Stuart Foster

Stuart Foster has over 30 years’ experience in hazardous chemicals and oil and gas. He has held VP level roles in operations, supply chain, procurement and business leadership. He has lived and worked in UK, Belgium, USA and Switzerland leading multi-site operations around the globe. He was recruited into BP following the Deepwater Horizon incident to bring expertise in process safety, occupational safety and risk management, from the hazardous chemical industry. Whilst at BP he was responsible for BP’s Group level Safety and Operational Risk Management system and for group-wide continuous improvement.

Since leaving BP, Stuart has consulted on safety and risk around the world, helping to bring about step changes in both performance and culture.

Through his 30 years’ experience in hazardous chemicals and his work in oil and gas, Stuart has built up an extensive inventory of tools, techniques and experience that has been proven to deliver improvements in safety performance and culture. His practical experience and real-life examples of the improvement journey add credibility to safety transformations.

Health & Safety Master Class

We will holding our first ‘Health & Safety Master Class’ on Thursday 12 May at 10:30am, hosted by Stuart Foster. 

Click here to register for the webinar.

Areas covered in the webinar include: 

  • What is a health and safety vision and why do we need it?
  • The difference between a safety vision and a safety strategy
  • What is safety climate and how do leaders create a positive safety climate?
  • The importance of bad news on safety rising freely up the organisation and what happens when it doesn’t.
  • Creating a mature safety culture
  • Safety culture models
  • Why leadership is not enough – what else contributes to a mature safety culture