The Energy & Utilities Sector’s ‘Inclusion Commitment’ launches webinar series on Diversity & Inclusion - EU Skills

The Energy & Utilities Sector’s ‘Inclusion Commitment’ launches webinar series on Diversity & Inclusion

 The Sector’s Inclusion Commitment is a long-term commitment from 42 employers to attract, develop and retain more diverse workforce, reflective and inclusive of the communities it serves

The Energy & Utilities Sector’s ‘Inclusion Commitment’ launches webinar series on Diversity & Inclusion

The collaboration launches a new webinar series as part of its commitment to collaboration and the sharing of best practice to address the sector diversity and inclusion challenges.  

The Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership recently launched the Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy 2020 – 2025. In order to address the sector’s workforce and skills challenges this strategy outlines three strategic priorities.  

  1. Sector attractiveness, recruitment and workforce diversity 
  2. Maximising investment in skills 
  3. Targeted action – to address anticipated skills gaps and shortages 

The strategy recognises that the energy and utilities sector’s workforce diversity is below the UK averages for gender, BAME and disability. This strategy commits to embed diversity and inclusion into the core of the sector’s workforce strategy and details priorities to achieve this: 

  • Inclusive approach to employing, developing and progressing diverse talent.  
  • Widening the talent pool to ensure that sector employers can reach a diverse range of people for different types of roles.  
  • Ensuring our sector is fulfilling its social mission in unifying communities and bringing together people of different backgrounds, ages, gender and ethnicities etc. 
  • Measure and be transparent about progress as individual organisations and as a sector. 

This webinar series aims to progress these priorities, offer practical advice and share best practice with employers on several themes from Black Lives Matter and Race Conversations at Work, to developing an Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy.  

The webinars lead up to the launch of a Sector Inclusion Measurement Framework launching in September 2020.  

Topics in the series include: 

  • Engineering a Winning Workforce: Engaging the Majority 
  • Black Lives Matter – Having Race Conversations at Work 
  • Improving EDI Data Visibility 
  • Empowering leaders and improving EDI awareness 
  • Attracting & Retaining Diverse talent 
  • Optimising your recruitment processes 
  • EDI Data collection 

The webinars are open to Diversity & Inclusion Leads/Allies, HR/Recruitment Professionals and wider sector colleagues looking for practical ways to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce within their organisation.  

The first webinar in the series Engineering a Winning Workforce: Engaging the Majority’ takes place on Wednesday 8th July 11am and will be led by Dr Mark McBride Wright, Managing Director at Equal Engineers. This webinar will cover learnings from the Masculinity in Engineering report and how these can be utilised for the energy & utilities sector.   

It will also explore how to create impactful culture change programmes which reframe and embed equality, diversity and inclusion. 

 Find more information and sign up to this free webinar here.