National Skills Academy for Power

The National Skills Academy for Power sits at the heart of the power sector, driving excellence in skills and bringing together employers, skills organisations and stakeholders.

What Is It?

The National Skills Academy for Power (NSAP) adds value by increasing capacity, capability and connectivity nationally across the power industry.

Part of the Energy & Utility Skills Group, NSAP is raising the profile of the UK power industry as it becomes the global leader in power skills development, maximising the benefits for businesses.

We deliver the skills required to address the government’s energy challenge and support a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. We are a key player in maintaining the security of the UK power supply.

National Skills Academy Network

The National Skills Academy (NSA) network was established by the Government to address the need for a world-class workforce with better skills than ever before. National Skills Academies are employer-led centres of excellence, delivering the skills required by each sector of the economy. National Skills Academies work with industry bodies to drive change and achieve priorities identified by employers in their sector.

Our Strategy Group

We are pleased to have the support of a number of leading power sector employers in our Strategy Group. These employers are helping the power industry keep the lights on, by ensuring that a complete learning infrastructure is in place to deliver the quality and consistency of skills competence needed.

Find Out More

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