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Eu Skills Group Secures Pilot Project With China Light & Power

The Energy & Utility Skills Group has been commissioned by China Light & Power (CLP) to undertake a pilot strategic planning exercise on its two power stations in Hong Kong.

Eu Skills Group Secures Pilot Project With China Light & Power

The aims of the pilot project are to:

  • Produce a comprehensive assessment of the workforce renewal challenges facing the pilot sites in Hong Kong.
  • Benchmark CLP’s workforce against the UK power generation sector on a number of relevant indicators.
  • Assess the value of the EU Skills Group’s workforce planning services in supporting CLP’s wider workforce planning activities across the Group, including the recommendation of next steps as appropriate.

To achieve these aims, the EU Skills Group will:

  • Apply our Workforce Planning Model to the two generating sites in Hong Kong including:
    • Assessing the impact of retirement and staff turnover on current and future vacancy levels across both sites.
    • Developing a high-level recruitment plan that will meet the skills and labour demands of the sites in terms of the recruitment and training of new workers.
  • Undertake a number of on-site interviews with senior managers from across the business to understand their department’s issues, concerns and plans for the future.
  • Provide benchmarking labour market and senior intelligence of the UK’s power generation sector, enabling CLP to compare their key workforce metrics against the UK sector average (including workforce structure, age profile, gender etc).
  • Undertake a short review of the project, its processes and outputs, in conjunction with CLP, to assess the value of the project in supporting their wider workforce planning ambitions.

The project will reach its conclusion with a presentation to CLP’s Resource Planning Committed in January 2015.

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