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QuartzWeb: Main Site Address

We are making changes to the addresses held within QuartzWeb. You will now only be able to record one ‘Main Site’ against your centre.

QuartzWeb: Main Site Address

In our Trainer Provider Newsletter last month we announced that a new report is now available to help you confirm whether photograph has been successfully uploaded against all individuals in a batch. More details can be found here. You can select this report in the ‘Resources’ tab, select ‘Reports’ then ‘Check photos for a batch’.

Another change we are making is around the addresses held in QuartzWeb for you.

Current Situation: You are able to add addresses for your centre within QuartzWeb – ‘Main Site’ and ‘Return Address (Cards)’. QuartzWeb asks for two addresses when booking a course or creating a batch – ‘The site’ and ‘Delivery site’ with drop down boxes allowing you to choose an address for both, from a pre-populated list of address that you have created within your centre record.

The Change: Only one ‘Main Site’ can be recorded against your centre in QuartzWeb. This will be the address that we have down as the primary address for your centre – for example the head office, an address we would use for any contracts or agreements, if we had to advise you of any new regulatory requirements or GDPR issues. You will still be able to add as many Return Address (Cards) as required.

Changing your ‘Main Site’ address: if you wish to amend or change the address we hold for your centre in QuartzWeb, please email us at eusr@euskills.co.uk and we will make that change for you. We will require the request to be made formally by email from your Head of Centre.

Choosing addresses when creating a batch: You will only be able to select a ‘Delivery Site’ address from the pre-populated drop down box.

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If you have any questions relating to either of the above changes, please contact the EUSR Support team on email: eusr@euskills.co.uk or telephone: 0845 077 99 22 (option 1).


If you would like to provide any feedback on QuartzWeb, or ideas for improvement, please do not hesitate to email carole.bishop@euskills.co.uk – we are constantly reviewing our performance and the system functionality and your input is hugely appreciated.