Sector Attraction and Retention Strategy - Energy & Utility Skills

Sector Attraction and Retention Strategy

February 2024

Sector Attraction and Retention Strategy

The Sector Attraction & Retention Strategy has been developed in response to a range of immediate and strategic challenges facing the energy and utilities industries in relation to attraction, recruitment and retention. 

The strategy will provide a targeted approach to attracting diverse, new and experienced hires to support the energy and utility industries transition to net-zero and address the challenges of climate change. 

We’re pleased to advise the strategy has recently been presented and approved by the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership CEO Council. The Strategy will focus on the following five deliverables and activities: 

  1. Delivery of targeted activity for Priority Roles where known shortages have been identified 
  1. Repurposing of the existing Energy & Utilities Jobs initiative to focus more widely on sector attraction and to be rebranded as Energy & Utilities Careers and Jobs 
  1. Identify and establish partnerships to maximise the impact of the strategy 
  1. Develop career pathways and information to support new entrants and advisors 
  1. Collaborate and share best practice to improve attraction and retention. 

Work is now underway with the strategy steering group to establish key milestones and planning of activities associated with the five deliverables. We’re encouraging all Energy & Utility Skills members to be involved, so if you’re interested in learning more, please contact