Qualifications - EU Skills



As a specialist Awarding Organisation and skills expert for the energy and utilities industry, we truly represent the wider-sector needs. That is why we have launched a new EUAIS Qualifications offer.

We were made aware of several issues with existing qualifications provisions, such as duplication of training, quality assurance processes and advice and guidance to training providers. Our members also wanted the opportunity to steer and develop new qualifications to ensure they fully met the needs of the sector. 

One example of this is the Level 2 Diploma in Network Construction Operations (Water / Gas), which we are currently developing after consultation with industry and training providers. The industry can be assured and confident that the qualification will be underpinned by rigorous and robust quality assurance, as well as our goal for exceptional customer service through comprehensive support and guidance. 

EUIAS is expanding our provision to include technical and safety-critical qualifications. The Street Works Certificates are the first qualifications to be offered which are not end-point assessments. This marks a new era for the EUIAS Awarding Organisation, with Centres able to access qualifications, which are responsive to the needs of industry and underpinned by robust quality assurance and supportive service delivery. Now is the time to become an approved Centre with EUIAS.”  

Phil Beach CBE, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills 

If you have any specific challenges or difficulties with your current qualifications provision, talk to us and we can explore how to develop something to suit your needs.