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The Commission on the Future of Employment Support 

A Call for Evidence

The Commission on the Future of Employment Support 

The Commission on the Future of Employment Support is seeking feedback to enhance employment support and services. Launched in November 2022, the Commission was established to develop evidence-led proposals to help reform the system and better meet the needs of individuals, employers, and the economy. The Commission is aiming to achieve this by enhancing pathways for individuals seeking career advancement whilst aiding employers in efficient talent acquisition, retention, and workforce development. 

The Commission is defining employment support as those publicly-funded services that help people who want to move into work, stay in work or progress in work to do so; and that help employers find, recruit and retain the right people for their jobs. 

Having concluded its preliminary data collection and identified forthcoming challenges and opportunities, the Commission is now starting to develop options for future reform. For this part of the process, they are keen to involve the hundreds of organisations and individuals who have contributed so far, and those with an interest in employment and related services. 

With a general election on the horizon, the development of new policy proposals and party manifestos takes centre stage. To actively contribute to shaping the future of employment and services, the Commission invites you to participate in a 20-30-minute telephone interview. Share your perspectives and help tailor these services to better meet recruitment, development, and staff retention needs. 

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