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Industry Profiles

We have released a series of industry profiles containing a wide range of indicators relating to the energy and utilities’ workforce.

Industry Profiles

These industry profiles contain a wide range of indicators relating to the energy and utilities’ workforce – from the size and personal characteristics of the people that work in the sector, through to current and predicted skills challenges and planned infrastructure investment.

There are seven profiles to choose from – one for the energy and utilities sector as a whole and one for each of its constituent industries (including the contractor community).

Each two-sided profile consists of:

  • an “Industry Profile”, containing generic information about the industry including the size of the industry, the proportion of non-UK citizens in the workforce, graduate recruitment, planned infrastructure investment (where appropriate) and predicted vacancy levels and skills shortages
  • a “Diversity & Inclusion” profile which focusses on the personal characteristics of each workforce, including gender, BAME, disability and age profile.

To view each profile, click below:

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With these statistics in mind, forecasting future demand and supply of talent is one of the most critical strategic challenges facing organisations within the energy and utilities sector. A longer-term, strategic approach to talent management is required, to make effective and efficient use of all available talent pools.

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